NS-CTA research spans multiple types of networks (communications, information, social/cognitive) and focuses on the behavior of composite networks and the generalities between types of networks. Research projects are highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary, whether based in one of the three academic research centers, the interdisciplinary research center, or one of the two cross-cutting research initiatives.

We are now in Year 2 of the NS-CTA project. Links to previous years’ projects can be found at the bottom of this page.

List of Year 2 Projects

CNARC: Communications Networks Academic Research Center

INARC: Information Networks Academic Research Center

SCNARC: Social/Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center

IRC: Interdisciplinary Research Center

Trust in Distributed Decision Making

EDIN (Evolving Dynamic Integrated Composite Networks)

A list of Year 1 (2010) projects can be viewed here.