Science of Multi-genre Network Experimentation

To meet the goals of advancing the science of multi-genre experimentation and validating basic network science results under complex, military-relevant conditions, Integrated Experimentation has two tasks for Y6-7. The basic research task, focuses on the science of multi-genre network experimentation. The applied research task, focuses on collaborations with thrust researchers to validate and expand on basic research results, while simultaneously developing re-usable capabilities for integrated experiments. In this task, we will design three suites of experiments in cross-genre network interactions: propagation through networks, adaptive networks, and networks for knowledge. These experiments will cover the network science topics of network tipping points, cascades and failures, infinite and finite networks, interacting time scales, and non-homogeneous networks. Both tasks will address methodologies and approaches to:

  • Increase the validity of network science experimentation results across contexts
  • Define and achieve the appropriate network scale and component fidelity required for experiments
  • Address the wide range of time scales required in multi-genre network experiments
  • Expand the range and generality of metrics for multi-genre network performance and behaviors
  • Balance experimental control and repeatability with realism and network complexity