Trust, Influencing, Modeling & Enhancing Human Performance (TIME)

The TIME Thrust aims at investigating four interrelated aspects of enhancing human performance in small and large social and cognitive networks. One of them is trust relevant to performance in networked environments and achieving appropriate human trust in information and automation in intelligent systems for network environments. Another is influence both of individuals and communities within and between cultures. This research will also investigate mathematical and computational models of human networks, scaling individual cognitive architectures to groups of human networks, and integration of disparate modeling approaches. Finally, cognitive aspects of enhancing human performance for individuals and groups need be research to complete the thrust. Accordingly, tasks that address particular aspects of TIME thrust all consider human performance in network environments as their overreaching goal.

TIME has five tasks focusing on four main topics.

  • Topic 1: Trust
    • Task T1: Information based Decision Making and Trust in Networks.
  • Topic 2: Influence
    • Task T2: Social Dynamics, Opinion Spreading, and Influencing in Social Networks.
  • Topic 3: Modeling
    • Task T3: Trust, Influence and the Enhanced Human Performance of Multigenre Crowd Networks
  • Topic 4: Enhancing Human Performance
    • Task T4: Cognition and Trust in Composite Networks.
    • Task T5: Group Dynamics Emerge from Individuals