Information Processing Across Networks for Decision-Making (IPAN)

The research in this trust will investigate social, cognitive, information and communication models to support the transformation of data into graph representations of the partially observed but mostly latent information network. Furthermore, research will investigate models to enable the information network to be accessible to the decision makers in a manner that is best matched to the cognitive abilities of these decision makers. The research is organized under three topics areas. The first topic area focuses on the synthesis of the knowledge from the data. The second topic area focuses on the representation and management of uncertainty throughout the whole synthesis and presentation process. Finally, the third topic area focuses on the distributed architecture and information network presentation techniques to enable the uncertain synthesized knowledge to be accessible to the user.

IPAN has three tasks focusing on two main topics.

  • Topic 1: Context-aware and Social/cognitive-model-informed Knowledge Synthesis and Analytics over Multi-genre Networks
    • Task I1: Multi-genre Knowledge-Network Construction for Intelligence Analysis and Foraging
  • Topic : Distributed Processing and User Interactions for Situational Understanding
    • Task I2: MissionCube: Multi-Dimensional Summarization and Analysis of Social Sensing Streams for Military Applications
    • Task I3: Collaborative Problem Solving and Information Routing in Dynamic Multi-Genre Networks