Research (2013)

As we enter Year 4, the NS CTA is a vigorous and highly productive research collaboration. Our 37 research tasks involve the contributions of 52 faculty members, 23 industry researchers, 24 post-docs, 78 graduate students, and various other contributors. The majority of the research centers on four topical Cross-Cutting Research Issues (CCRIs): Evolution and Dynamics of Inter-genre Networks (EDIN), Information Processing Across Networks for Effective Distributed Decision Making (IPAN), Quality of Information (QoI), and Trust in Distributed Decision Making (Trust). There is also an integrated experimentation research thrust.  These central CCRIs are also supported by foundational and exploratory research in each of the four centers.

We see a world, less than a decade from now, where the rapidly maturing field of network science allows us to predict and influence the behaviors of inter-genre and interdisciplinary network systems so complex that they are opaque to the best science today.

Information about Year 4 (2013) Tasks by research thrust:

The research is motivated by Army and military needs for better capabilities for understanding, predicting, and influencing networks. Some of these needs are illustrated in a motivating mini-scenario.

A list of Year 3 (2012) projects can be viewed here, Year 2 (2011) projects here, and Year 1 (2010) projects here.