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Reality Commons Web Portal Launched

Alex (Sandy) Pentland and the Human Dynamics Lab of the MIT Media Lab are pleased to announce the launch of the Reality Commons web portal: http://realitycommons.media.mit.edu

On Reality Commons, we release four mobile data sets, collected from 2004 onward, that contain the dynamics of several communities of about 100 people each. We inviteĀ  researchers to propose and submit their own applications of the data to demonstrate the scientific and business values of the data sets, suggest how to meaningfully extend these experiments to larger populations, and to develop the math that fits agent-based or systems dynamics models to larger populations.

For general questions about the website or research studies, please contact Todd Reid, tgreid@media.mit.edu

For technical questions and specific inquiries about the data and datasets, please contact Wen Dong, wdong@media.mit.edu