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Postdoctoral Positions Northeastern/Harvard – Network Science

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Network Science Institute @ Northeastern University
Division of Network Medicine @ Harvard University

The lab of Professor Albert-László Barabási, together with the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University and the Division of Network Medicine at Harvard University, is looking for postdoctoral associates in the area of network science and network medicine. We are seeking motivated individuals with network science experience and interest in applying it towards both social and biological systems. The ideal candidate has a physics, bioinformatics, computer science or mathematics PhD, and previous work experience in networks and/or bioinformatics.

For a range of projects characterizing the lab see www.barabasilab.com. Our current work spans the applications of network towards understanding human diseases, to quantifying success in scientific careers, or understanding the fundamentals of network dynamics.

We’d like to encourage all interested candidates to submit a formal application here:
Northeastern Jobs Internal Number: STFR001078

Direct applications and questions are welcome to ccnrpostdoc@gmail.com.